KOÇAK FARMA Manufacturing plant is established on 140.000 marea at Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone and has 100.000 m2 indoor area.

The plant has dedicated areas for the different manufacturing activities which are designed as per CGMP guidelines.

  • Anti-Neoplastic (Anti-Cancer) Products Manufacturing Unit (I-II)
  • Biotecnological Products Manufacturing Unit
  • Hormone Products Manufacturing Unit
  • Sterile Products Manufacturing Unit
  • Soft Gelatine Products Manufacturing Unit
  • Solid Products Manufacturing Unit
  • Liquid Products Manufacturing Unit
  • Penem Products Manufacturing Unit
  • Semi Synthetic Penicilline Products Manufacturing  Unit 

The Solid , Liquid and Sterile and soft gelatine units are located in the main complex.

Hormone, Anticancer, Penicilline and  Cephalosporine units and also Biotecnological Products Manufacturing Units are in dedicated, seperate buildings having their own laboratories for all API and finished product analysis and having their own warehouses for API and finished product.

Sterile injectable products are manufactured in fully automatic lines with the latest technology

In this department we manufacture ampoules,vials, lyophilised products and "prefilled" syringes.

The other pharmaceutical forms manufactured at manufactuing plant  can be summarised as below:

Tablet, film tablet, slow release tablets dragée, depot dragée, powder for suspension, hard gelatine capsules, soft gelatine capsules, sterile ampuls, vials , syrups, eye drop solution, suspensions, solutions, elixire, gels, creams , ointments, sterile ointments etc."



The capacity of ayazağa I.V. Solution facility is 80.000.000 unit/year for I.V. solutions and 24.000.000 unit/year for infusion sets.

The facility has a reactor capacity cloe to 300.000 L and daily producting capacity is around 250.000 units I.V. solutions.

Parenteral solution (Mediflex bag and glass bottle) irrigation solutions (Mediflex bag and glass bottle) irrigation solution (Mediflex bag and plastic botle) and infusion sets (with and without airway) aremanufactured in the facilities.

Mediflex bag, glass bottles and plastic bottes are manufactured from 50 ml to 3000 ml forms in the lines equipped with latest technology. The infusion sets produced are sterilized by gamma radiation.

KOÇAK FARMA  is the biggest supplier of I.V. solutions with 250.000 units/day manfacturing capacity of I.V. solutions which is a strategical product for our country

I.V. solutiıns are sterilized in autoclaves validated in terms of physical and microbiological parameters for each filling volume.